Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week 11 Edition

The Fraud Five

By Mike Kern For PhillyCollegeSports.com

November 11, 2018 Edition

Welcome to the latest installment of Mike Kern’s weekly Fraud Five.

As always, hope you won’t be disappointed. Even though it was kind of a slim-pickings Saturday.
1. Kentucky — Shouldn’t be losing 24-7 at Tennessee, at least not this year. Maybe that home loss the week before to Georgia took something out of the Wildcats. Oh well, at least it’s basketball season now. That’s usually supposed to be the good news down there, unless of course you just opened against Duke.
2. Purdue — Shouldn’t be losing at Minnesota, but especially not by 41-10. The Boilermakers did beat Ohio State by four touchdowns, right?
3. North Carolina State — When you’re ranked 14th you shouldn’t be losing to Wake Forest at home on a Thursday night. Especially not when you’re leading by 10 in the fourth quarter. Did we mention that Wake, which scored on a 30-yard pass with 30 seconds left, was playing with its backup quarterback? Nice win for former Villanova assistant Dave Clawson.
4. Houston — Not for losing, even at home, to Temple. Because the Owls have grown into a pretty good team with Russo at QB. But the Cougars probably shouldn’t be giving up 59 in Houston to anybody not named Alabama. I know, it happens.
5. Bobby Petrino — The Louisville coach was let go after his team got blown out for what seems like the 100th straight week. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Still, the school does owe him a $14 million buyout. Please explain to me how that’s possible. I guess Louisville got what it deserves for bringing him back in the first place, although they did get a Heisman Trophy winner out of it. For whatever that’s worth now. All this, after the Rick Pitino era ended on such a high note. Maybe it’s a karma thing.
Dishonorable Mention:
Illinois — It might be OK for some teams to lose at Nebraska. But giving up 54 in the process does seem excessive.
Southern Cal — I know the Trojans aren’t very good. But neither is Cal. So you probably shouldn’t be losing to the Berkley’s at home, if for no other reason than perception’s sake.
Virginia Tech — Remember when the Hokies opened with a win over Florida State and everyone got all excited. Until they figured out that Florida State stinks. Well, the Hokes just lost at Pitt, 52-22. What else do you really need to compute? And I don’t care if Pitt is going to win the non-Clemson half of the ACC. Sorry, that’s still way too unacceptable. Just my opinion.

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