Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week 10 Edition

The Fraud Five – Week 10 Edition

By Mike Kern for PhillyCollegeSports.com

November 4, 2018

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

1. Me — Belatedly, I’m afraid. Last week I had Charlie Strong being the new coach at Florida State when he’s actually at South Florida. Willie Taggart is of course the first-year guy at FSU. My longtime traveling bud Joe Juliano had to point that out to me, Unfortunately too late. Not his fault. I will try to do better from here on out. But I can’t promise. That’s why there’s a Fraud Five.
2. South Florida — Speaking of which, when you’re 7-1 you shouldn’t be losing at home to Tulane. Especially not by 41-15. But stuff does happen.
3. Penn State — OK, so the Nits weren’t supposed to win at Michigan. Which means at least this wasn’t another one of those times when they let a big lead get away late. But for the second time in as many trips to Ann Arbor, they got rolled. Just as they rolled the Wolves at home last season, when maybe James Franklin was guilty of trying to pad the score late. Apparently Jim Harbaugh has a long memory. So much for a New Year’s Six bowl, which might have been asking a little too much this season anyway.
4. Utah — Just when a lot of folks were starting to think that this might be the best team in the PAC-12, for whatever that’s worth any more, the Utes lost at Arizona State by 18. Good for Herm Edwards, bad for the perception of the left coast.
5. Florida — Really shouldn’t be losing at home by 21. And certainly not when the visiting team was Missouri.
Dishonorable Mention:
Houston — Shouldn’t be losing by two touchdowns at SMU.
Virginia — Probably shouldn’t be losing by 10 at home to Pitt when you’re ranked.

And they’re were a couple of other close calls. See Ohio State, Washington State and Oklahoma. But in FF, close rarely counts. Unless maybe there’s a shortage of candidates and you catch me in a bad mood. Then you never know.

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