Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week 1 Edition

September 7, 2022 –

Mike Kern’s first fraud five of the season

Because a young fan in South Philly asked my good friend, his uncle, when and if it was returning. Wait no more. You have to reward enthusiasm like that.

Oregon — It’s OK to lose to Georgia, in Atlanta, even when your new coach was the defensive coordinator for the Bulldogs last year when they finally won it all. But 49-3? I don’t think so.

Navy — I know Delaware isn’t bad. For an FCS team. But c’mon. You can’t only be scoring seven at home. Remember when the Midshipmen were pretty good. Wasn’t that long ago. Just seems like it. And I’m a Navy kind of guy.

LSU — Not because the Tigers lost at home to a seemingly better Florida State team that we’re nevertheless still not sure about. By one, on a missed extra point at the end. It happens. But they were losing by 14 in the fourth quarter, and it was Brian Kelly’s debut. And it was in New Orleans. It’s only one game, but he might have to return that fake accent.

Utah — Again, nothing egregious in losing at Florida, at night. Especially since you were only favored by a field goal, even if we’re not sure how good the Gators are going to be with their new coach. But the Utes are supposed to be maybe the best team in whatever you think of the PAC-12. So this wasn’t good for the conference. Then again, almost nothing that’s happened lately has been either.

Virginia Tech — The Hokies have a new coach too, in former Penn State DC Brent Pry. And his guys were favored by a touchdown at Old Dominion, which also has a former Nits assistant in his third year as its coach. ODU won, 20-17, the second time in four years the Monarchs had upset VT at home. And afterward, Ricky Rahne trolled his in-state “rival” on twitter for posting an “our state” graphic on social media showing an image from Norfolk, where ODU us located. You gotta love this kind of stuff. Only in college sports.

Dishonorable Mention — Scott Frost, in a leftover from week zero since we didn’t have a platform to point this out before. The Nebraska coach, who took a pay cut to keep his job but may be looking for one anyway (did someone mention Urban Meyer’s name?), opened against Northwestern in Ireland. The Wildcats’ coach is Pat Fitzgerald, and maybe you can’t mess with someone with that last name in Dublin. But I digress. Anyway, the Huskers took a 28-17 lead late in the third quarter and Frost decided to try an onsides kick. It didn’t work, and Northwestern came back to win by three. Why ask why. At least the Huskers came back to beat FCS North Dakota at home, 38-17. Justice.

God it felt good to do this once more. So buckle in. It’s gonna be another fun ride.

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