Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week 13 Edition

November 27, 2022 –

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

Ohio State — It might be OK to lose at home to Michigan for the first time since 2000, even if it was supposed to be a revenge game for the Buckeyes. But the Wolves won the second half, 28-3. That’s not supposed to happen. My friend Dave Jones from Harrisburg told me this was going to happen way back in September. I didn’t believe him. My apologies. And the goofiest part is, with LSU and Clemson losing, the Bucks could still maybe get into the four-team playoff field. Stay tuned.

Clemson — The Tigers never lose at home, and rarely lose to South Carolina, which was coming off a win over Top 10 Tennessee. Tigers were up nine late in the third quarter, but visitors scored the last 10. It happens, even when you’re favored by two touchdowns. Oh well.

LSU — These Tigers can still win the SEC, if they can knock off No. 1 Georgia next week, but they can’t go to the playoffs, thanks to a 38-23 loss at Texas A&M, which of course had only been the biggest disappointment of the season. Good thing it was tied at 17 midway through the third quarter.

Oregon — Not for losing at Oregon State, 38-34, when you had a chance to win the Pac-12 North, but for blowing a 21-point late in the third quarter lead.

Iowa – Can’t be losing at Nebraska with a chance to go to the Big Ten title game.

Northern Illinois — Hey, it was a tough week. Akron is one of the worst teams in FBS. Granted, NIU isn’t much better. But it was favored by 10, at home. Didn’t stop it from losing, 44-12, which almost seems impossible. Good thing NIU kicked a 24-yard field goal with 3:28 left. Can’t make that up.

This could be the last installment of the season. Not a lot of games next week, so we’ll have to see how it goes. If this turns out to indeed be the finale, thanks so much for following along. Gives me a reason to pay more attention. Have a great holiday season. Hey, maybe we’ll come up with a bowl FF. You never know.

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