Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – September 16, 2018 Edition

The Fraud Five

By Mike Kern for PhillyCollegeSports.com

September 16, 2018 Edition

Mike Kern’s second Fraud Five of 2018

Because some weeks it’s almost too easy

1. Florida State — Repeat offender this early in season is never a good thing. I guess Jimbo Fisher knew what he was doing by heading to Texas A&M. It’s one thing to lose at Syracuse. But not by 30-7. Willie Taggart might not be long for this gig. He’s already lost at home to Virginia Tech, scoring three points in the process, and was losing to FCS Samford at home in second half. Holy Bobby Bowden!
2. Wisconsin — Yo, Brigham Young might be really good for all I know. But if you’re the favorite in the Big Ten West once again and supposedly a national-title contender once again then you probably shouldn’t be losing at home to a non-Power Five team. Just saying.
3. Maryland — We knew Temple probably wasn’t as bad as its first two games might have suggested. But the Terps had beaten Texas. This one wasn’t even close. And it was down there. That’s why I never get lulled into thinking I have this stuff all figured out. Usually comes back to bite me.
4. Southern Cal — It’s OK to lose at Texas, even if people were starting to wonder at least a little about its second-year coach. But you probably shouldn’t be losing by 23, especially when you’re USC.
5. Rutgers — I know the Scarlet Knights aren’t supposed to be all that, for the usual reasons. Still, going down 55-14 at Kansas seems like a bit much, even if Kansas had just broken a road losing streak that stretched back around a decade.
Dishonorable Mention: Mississippi — It’s always OK to lose to Alabama, even at home, where you were a 21-point underdog, especially since you’d beaten the Tide twice in recent years. But 62-7? Good thing the Rebs scored first ,and good thing the Nick Saban’s only scored three in the last 20 minutes.
Boise State — It’s OK to lose at Oklahoma State, especially for a program that has a history of knocking off Power Five schools. But 45-21 might be a tad excessive. Especially since the Broncos were ranked seven spots higher in the polls.
Auburn — It’s hard to pick on a team that lost to LSU, even at home. But they were a 10-point favorite. And in the SEC West that’s supposed to mean something.
Arizona State — Hard to pick on new Sun Devil coach Herm Edwards, especially after he just upset Michigan State. But maybe that was the problem. Because they went and lost at San Diego State. It happens. But it also can get you into Fraud Five. So be careful out there.

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