The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 6 Edition

The Fraud Five By Mike Kern

October 10, 2021

Alabama — Hate to do it, but every so often it’s Nick Saban’s turn too. I mean, his team was favored by 17, on the road, against an opponent that had lost two straight. After trailing much of the way at Texas A&M, they did take a 7-point lead with about five minutes left. But then they gave up a long TD drive, went three-and-out and lost on a field goal at the buzzer. It happens. Just usually not to them. I guess Nick was finally going to lose to one of his former assistants at some point, and lose to an unranked opponent for the first time in 100 games. And he still has all those rings. For all I know, he might even figure out a way to get another this year. It’s relatively early. But now the Tide will have to beat most likely Georgia in the SEC final just to get in the playoffs. And maybe beat the Dawgs again to get a ring. They have lost their margin for error.

North Carolina — Wasn’t this team supposed to be really good? Heck, even an average team shouldn’t be losing at home to Florida State. By double digits. As a 17-point fave. That’s a big yo.

BYU — When you’re ranked 10th, you shouldn’t be losing to a three-loss Boise State team at home. By 26-17. Maybe that’s why they were only favored by five. Somebody had a feeling.

USC — I know Trojans are a dumpster fire, but they were a slight fave against Utah at home and lost by 18. Ugh. This program needs help. Right away. It’s not good to become irrelevant, in a league where you should be one of the most important players almost all of the time. Just because.

Bowling Green and Toledo — This is for my MAC buddy. Both teams were favored by two TDs, at home, over Akron and Northern Illinois, respectively. BG lost by 15 to Akron, which is one of the worst teams in the land. And Toledo lost by two late. I know it’s only the MAC, but you still have an obligation to call them out when necessary. MAC me up, as I used to say in the Daily News when I had my weekly college notes column. Love that frame of reference. Makes me nostalgic. Nothing wrong with that, at least once in awhile. All about the memories, right?

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