The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 7 Edition

October 15, 2023

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

Colorado — Buffs were leading Stanford 29-0 at home. They lost in double overtime. What else do you need to know? Put that on a T-shirt.

Southern Cal — We could almost see this coming. The Trojans were a slight underdog at Notre Dame, where they hadn’t won since 2011, even though the Irish had lost two of their last three (admittedly to unbeaten teams). But 48-20 does seem excessive.

Washington State — I know Cougars were coming off their first loss, and Arizona had just lost close ones to Washington and USC  (in OT). And isn’t just about everybody in the soon-to-be-extinct Pac-12 ranked? But 44-6, at home. Didn’t see that coming.

Louisville — The week after you beat Notre Dame you shouldn’t be losing by 17 at Pitt. Or maybe that’s why the Cards did. Still, not acceptable.

Michigan State — Hate to pick on a train wreck, but Spartans were winning by 18 at Rutgers heading into fourth quarter. And lost. Ugh. So much for getting that interim coach’s first win.

Dishonorable Mentions

Maryland — Was favored by two touchdowns against Illinois. Lost on a field goal at the buzzer. It shouldn’t happen.

Wisconsin — Same thing. Was favored by 10 over visiting Iowa. And you know how I feel about Iowa, especially its offense. I realize the Badgers lost their quarterback to an injury in the third quarter. But 15-6? Really?

Cincinnati — Was favored by close to a TD over Iowa State. Lost 30-10. Yo pal.

West Virginia — Not for losing at Houston. It’s the way it went down. Mounties scored on a 50-yard pass with 12 seconds to go. Then they got hit with a penalty when a player took off his helmet on the field during the celebration. So … Houston scored on a 49-yard pass on the final play on a ball that was tipped at the goal line. Certainly worth mentioning. Just knock the ball down, boys.

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