Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 10 Edition

November 3, 2019

Fraud Five, as we head into the meat of the season, where the dreams can continue to fly or crash and burn. It’s all up to them.

Appalachian State – I know it’s a little off the radar, but the 20th-ranked team shouldn’t be having its unbeaten season come to an end at home as a 17-point favorite against Georgia Southern. Sorry.

Syracuse – Remember when the Orange were supposed to be pretty good? Well they just lost at home to Boston College, 58-27. At least Steve Addazio enjoyed it. And he hasn’t had a whole lot to enjoy lately.

Southern Cal – It’s OK to lose to Oregon, even at home. But 56-24? That’s not good. But the coach insists he’s still the right man for the job. We think maybe not. But perhaps Urban Meyer could.

Florida State – It’s OK to lose to Miami, even at home. And even though Miami isn’t all that. Even the coach said it was unacceptable. Which means he might not be the coach for much longer. And remember when Miami-FSU used to mean just about everything, not just down there but in the overall? Oh well. That’s progress for you.

Arizona – I know the Wildcats hadn’t been doing much the last month, but it was Oregon State. And they were at home. Didn’t matter. Your final was 56-38. Which also seems unacceptable.

Dishonorable Mentons:

Me – For somehow continuing to back Nebraska and Northwestern in my weekly online picks. The Cornhuskers even had their quarterback back and still couldn’t win at Purdue, which stinks. And the Wildcats have now scored six points in their last three games since losing 13-10 at Nebraska. At least I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the room.

Eastern Michigan – I know few people care about the MAC, but the Eagles lost at home to Buffalo in a pick-‘em spot, 43-14. Good thing they scored first, and last.

Utah State – I realize few people care that much about the Mountain West either (other than the occasional Boise State sighting), but we try to be an equal opportunity pointer-outer. The Aggies were favored by a field goal at home but lost to BYU. By 28. Good thing they had beaten the Cougars pretty good the last two years.

Notre Dame – Oops, never mind. Virginia Tech couldn’t finish the Irish off at home. It happens.

Cincinnati – Ditto. Just another close call against an opponent (East Carolina, on the road) they had little business being in a close call against. But that’s why Fraud Five exists, right?

We strive to give readers their money’s worth.

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