The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 13 Edition

November 28, 2021

Mike Kern’s Final Regular-Season Fraud Five

We’ll have to see about next week, since there won’t be nearly as much to choose from. So maybe a Fraud Two.

Texas-San Antonio —When you’re unbeaten and ranked 22nd you shouldn’t be losing at 5-6 North Texas. Or at least not by 45-23.

Wisconsin — When you have a chance to get into the Big 10 title game you probably shouldn’t be losing at Minnesota as a touchdown fave. And maybe not score just 13 points, 3 in the second half. In a series the Badgers have dominated, it was their first loss at Minny since 2003. Iowa thanks them.

Washington — I know it’s been a bad year, but you shouldn’t be losing 40-13 at home to Washington State, a team they’d beaten seven straight times. It was the biggest win for Cougars in series, and first at Washington since 2007. Their previous biggest win had come in 1973. It was their first double-digit win against their rival since 1994. Washington had a streak of holding opponents to 36 or less end at 86. It had been the longest active streak in the country. Hey, if you’re gonna go you might as well go all the way.

Nebraska — I know the Huskers were home dogs against No. 18 Iowa, but they did lead 21-6 before getting out scored 19-0 in the fourth quarter to lose by seven. They finished 3-9. But Scott Frost keeps telling us they’re getting real close. If he says so.

Ohio State — I do this reluctantly, cause the Bucks had beaten up the Jim Harbaughs for so long. I thought Michigan had a shot at home, but didn’t expect it to be by 15. It happens, to everybody at some point. So goodbye college football playoffs, to the program that lost in last year’s final. And the way Alabama is looking, the defending champs might not make the playoffs either. Wonder if it’s too early to get a bet in on Ohio State for next year’s game. Just saying. Wolves last won in Columbus in 2000. Which was also the last time they beat the Bucks back-to-back. So enjoy this one.

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