The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 12 Edition

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

November 21, 2021

Michigan State — It’s always OK to lose at Ohio State. But not by 56-7. And it was 49-zip at the half, which of course is overkill. Especially when you’re also ranked real high and trying to make a case for being in the playoffs. But it still happens. Now we’ll see if Michigan can do any better this week. The Wolves haven’t been able to, for the last decade and a half.

Oregon — It’s almost OK to lose at No. 23 Utah, even when you’re ranked third. But not by 38-7. So much for that early win at Ohio State. It can only carry you so far. So once again the PAC-12 has made itself irrelevant. It needs an expanded playoff format as much as any precinct.

USC — It’s not OK to lose to your cross-town rival by 62-33. Just saying. It’s officially become a dumpster fire. Good luck to the next coach.

Stanford — It’s not OK to lose to your crosstown rival by 41-11, while giving up 636 yards (352 on the ground). Which is a record for the Cal game, by the way. Not that either team is any good.

Wake Forest — It’s OK to lose at Clemson, even when Clemson isn’t Clemson. But 48-27 seems a little much, at least this year.

Dishonorable Mentions

Auburn — Blew a 14-0 lead at South Carolina, scoring three points the rest of the way in what became a four-point loss. A week after blowing a 28-3 lead at home to Mississippi State.

Florida — I guess by this point it’s OK to lose at Missouri, in overtime. Still, it was the seventh straight loss in a one-possession game for the Gators.

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