The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 4 Edition

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

September 26, 2021

North Carolina — Excuse me, but weren’t the Tar Heels supposed to be all that? Then I guess you shouldn’t be losing 45-22 at Georgia Tech. But maybe that’s me.

Southern Cal — Can’t be losing 45-27 at home to Oregon State. Or probably even at Oregon State. It’s turned into a dumpster fire. Get a coach.

Minnesota — Can’t be losing at home to Bowling Green. Sorry.

Clemson — Losing at North Carolina State as a 9-point fave is no sin, even if the Wolfpack wasn’t ranked. We’re just so used to never seeing the Tigers lose in the ACC. Well, now we’re going to have get used to them not being in the playoffs. They’re allowed a year off. Just like Alabama a couple of years back.

Wisconsin — It’s OK to lose to Notre Dame, in supposedly neutral Chicago. But the Badgers lost by 41-13. And when the game was being decided the Irish were using their third-string quarterback. So maybe that opening loss to Penn State wasn’t an upset after all.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Iowa State — When you’re ranked 14th and favored by a touchdown it’s not a good idea to lose a close one at Baylor. But it happens. This is another team that had high expectations. Not so much any more. Ask North Carolina and Indiana.

Virginia — It’s maybe OK to lose to Wake Forest at home, but maybe not by three TDs.

Wyoming — I very rarely put teams that win into this, just because, but sometimes I make exceptions. And winning by two at Connecticut, which might be the worst team in FBS this side of Vanderbilt, is one such example of me stretching the rules a bit. Sue me.

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