The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – December 20th Edition

Mike Kern’s last regular-season Fraud Five (but you never know, there might be a postseason edition. We can only hope).

Buffalo — You can’t be unbeaten and a double-digit favorite and lose to a Ball State team. By double digits, in the MAC final. But hey, it’s the MAC.

Marshall — Along the same lines, it’s not a good thing to lose a Conference-USA title game at home. By nine. And only score nine points in the process, against UAB. Maybe the weather was bad.

Notre Dame — I didn’t think the Irish would win the rematch with Clemson, but didn’t think it would be that one-sided either. Didn’t close them a playoff spot, but now they get to play Bama. Good luck with that. They would have at least had a chance against Ohio State. I think.

USC — Nothing sinful about losing PAC-12 title game, even as a slight fave. But the Trojans had been living all the edge all year, and Oregon wasn’t even supposed to be in the game in the first place. Of course it happens.

Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a worthy fifth. Sue Me. There wasn’t a lot to choose from. There was almost as many games cancelled as played. This year can’t get over fast enough. Everyone please stay safe out there and try to have as nice of a holiday season as possible. Ho Ho and Ho.

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