The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 14 Edition

November 30, 2019

And now for what is most likely the final Fraud Five of yet another season, which I think makes like close to 30 at this point. Probably not enough games next week to come up with enough viable candidates. But there’s always a chance that I could do one more after the bowl season. Hey, you never know. I want to thank Glenn for giving me the opportunity to continue doing this for a different forum. Hope the faithful followers have enjoyed it as much as I enjoy putting it together. Because who doesn’t really like this kind of stuff? Except obviously the offended parties.

So anywhere, he goes:

Michigan – Not for losing to Ohio State, even at home, for what seems like the 50th straight time. And even though this was supposed to finally be Jim Harbaugh’s year. No, it’s more for the fact that the Wolves gave up 56 to those dreaded Bucks, after allowing them to score 62 last year. That’s not what rivalries are supposed to be about.

Alabama – Again, not for losing at Auburn. That happens. The Tide was only a slight favorite, and didn’t have their quarterback, even though the next guy up played very well if you forget about the two pick sixes. That happens too. No, this was as much about Nick Saban’s team giving up 48 points, after giving up 46 and 44 in its other two losses in the last 11 months. That’s not good.

Dallas Cowboys – Good thing they scored first and last on Thanksgiving. Trouble is, the visiting Bills scored 26 in between.

Me – For having the uncommon sense to take all three of those sides above among my weekly picks. And why oh why didn’t I go with Wisconsin, SMU and Clemson like I had thought strongly about. At least I had Kansas State. Details.

Mississippi – For losing a chance to force overtime at Mississippi State because your guy decides to do an Odell Beckham urinate-like-a-dog imitation celebration in the end zone at the end following his touchdown. I hope he enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame. Cause it’ll remain a part of him for as long as they play that game.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Toledo – How does a team that won at Colorado State and beat BYU at home in September end up losing 49-7 at Central Michigan. Probably didn’t eat enough at Tony Packo’s.

Washington State – It’s OK to lose at Washington, but maybe not by 31-13. But that’s Mike Leach.

Minnesota – It’s OK to lose to Wisconsin, even at home with a spot in the Big Ten title game on the line. But I was expecting more than 38-17.

Kansas – It’s OK to lose to Baylor, even at home, especially as a two-TD underdog. Still, 61-6 is rather excessive. I’m sure Les Miles would not disagree.

Illinois – It’s been a good season for Lovie Smith, but his team lost as an 8-point favorite at home to Northwestern, 29-10. Northwestern stinks. And the Illini had a chance to get to seven wins for the first time in over a decade.

Pitt – Shouldn’t be losing at home to Boston College, by a TD, as an 8-point fave.

Miami – Shouldn’t be losing as nearly a double-digit fave at Duke, which won by 10.

Michigan State – For only beating dreadful Maryland by three at home. If that’s too harsh then too bad.

North Carolina State – Might be OK to lose to North Carolina, even at home, but not by 31. Good for first-year Tar Heel coach Mack Brown.

Boy, the season flew by. Seems like we were just getting started. Hope Glenn lets me do this again. Until then, everyone out there stay good. And never forget that there are no sure things. Just the way it is. I’ve learned to accept it. So thanks to all those who always find a way to give me more than enough material to work with. Couldn’t do it without them.

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