Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week 13 Edition

The Fraud Five

By Mike Kern for PhillyCollegeSports.com

November 25, 2018

Mike Kern’s final Fraud Five of the season. Our little bonus to you. You deserve it. So let’s go out with a bang. And how did we go an entire year without mentioning Notre Dame? Harvey thanks us for that.


  1. Michigan —
  2. Michigan —
  3. Michigan —
  4. Michigan –

5. Michigan — I feel for my good friend Ed Barkowitz. This was a tough one, in a long line of tough ones. It’s certainly OK to lose to Ohio State, once again, especially on the road. But that doesn’t mean it had to be humiliating. It’s the Wolves seventh straight loss in the rivalry, if you can really call it that any more. And they still haven’t won in Columbus since 2000. Which obviously is way too long. So much for that playoff berth, although I guess the Rose Bowl isn’t the worst consolation prize on the food chain. But who saw sixty flipping two coming? And it was nearly 69. Good thing Urban had a heart. Yeah, right. Next year at least they get another chance back in the Big House, although that hasn’t meant much lately.


Dishonorable Mentions:

Duke — Can’t be losing 59-7 to Wake Forest, away or home, ever. And I love Wake coach Dave Clawson, the one-time Villanova offensive coordinator. Coach K will probably make them pay for it during hoops season.


Washington State — It’s OK to lose to Washington, even at home, in the snow. But maybe not when there’s still a chance you get sneak into the serious playoff conversation. And maybe the loss should have at least been by closer than two touchdowns.


Mississippi — It’s OK to lose to Mississippi State, even at home. But probably not by 35-3. Maybe they at least won the late on-field brawl. That’s always a good look.


Tennessee — It’s maybe OK to lose to Vanderbilt, even for the third straight year, something that hadn’t happened in close to a century (for good reason. It’s Vanderbilt). But 38-13 seems a bit much.


Virginia — It’s OK to lose to Virginia Tech, even if you were 7-4 and they were 4-6. It’s just that this was the 15th straight time it’s happened. Enough already.


Pitt — Losing at disappointing Miami 24-3 is maybe not the way you want to prepare for that ACC title game against Clemson. Or maybe that’s the reason it happened. I don’t know. If I was that smart I’d own Vegas.


Wisconsin — It’s OK to lose to Minnesota, even at home, even if it broke a 14-game winning streak in the series. But it was 37-15, and Minny ain’t all that. Then again, neither is Wisky.


Florida State — It’s OK to lose to Florida, for the first time in awhile. It’s been that kind of year. But the Seminoles were at home, for whatever that’s worth any more. And it was 41-14. Dreaded Gators won the second half, 28-7. Chomp on that.


Connecticut — I know Temple’s a pretty decent team right now. But the Owls did have a bunch of injuries, including at quarterback. Didn’t stop them from winning 57-7 up there, to a team that set records for being like the worst defensive unit in FBS history. Bet they’re glad they hired Randy Edsall back, after he walked away from them once. And did it rather unprofessionally. Whatever. Good thing the Huskies were tied at 7 midway through the first quarter. At least basketball season has finally arrived. Or at least that used to be the good news.


Hey, it’s been fun. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I do. Will do my best to keep doing it in the future. Thanks for all the support, and thanks to Glenn for letting me keep this thing going now that I’m a retired bum. Have a great bowl season. For amusement purposes only, of course. Gobble Gobble and Ho Ho Ho!

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