Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week 12 Edition

The Fraud Five

By Mike Kern for PhillyCollegeSports.com

November 18, 2018 Edition

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

West Virginia — When you still have at least an outside shot of maybe getting into the four-team playoff, you can’t be losing at Oklahoma State. Especially not after you led 31-14.
Tennessee — It’s OK to lose to Mississippi, even at home, especially when you’re a slight underdog. But 50-17 does seem a bit much. I’m sure the folks in Knoxville would concur.
Syracuse — It’s OK to lose to Notre Dame, in Yankee Stadium. And I realize they lost their quarterback early, not that he had played that well on the first two possessions. But 36-3 is 36-3, in what could have been one of those so-called statement games. Good thing the Orange kicked a field goal with 10 seconds left.
Virginia Tech — Sorry, you shouldn’t be losing at home by 38-14 to a Miami team that’s been a bit of a disappointment this year as well.
Southern Cal — Shouldn’t be losing, even in the Rose Bowl in a rivalry game, to a 2-8 UCLA team.
Dishonorable Mentions;
Michigan State —  I know Nebraska’s been playing better, and it was in Lincoln in some bad weather and Michigan State is real banged up on offense, but 9-6 still comes off as a bit whatever. And the Spartans scored their six first. It’s the first time in eight decades that the Cornhuskers have won a game without scoring a touchdown.
Boston College — Shouldn’t be losing to this Florida State team, even in Tallahassee, when you’re having this good of a season. And certainly not on a 74-yard TD pass with just under two minutes to go.
Oklahoma — For giving up 40 points to Kansas. At home. That includes 23 in the fourth quarter. At some point, even in the Big 12, you have to at least try and play a little defense.
Delaware — I rarely pick on FCS programs, but for the second year in a row a 7-3 Blue Hen team lost to a 4-6 Villanova. This time it was 42-21, in Newark. I know they lost two QBs along the way, but the Wildcats have now taken 12 of the last 13 meetings. Does that sound like a rivalry to you?
Buffalo — When you’re 9-1 and Ohio is 6-4, maybe you should be losing by 52-17, even on the road. But it happened on a Wednesday night, so hardly anyone noticed. And it’s the MAC, so who really cares that much anyhow? Unless of course you had something on it. For amusement purposes only.
The weather people —  I know they try, and they’re only making hopefully educated guesses/projections. But they were calling for a wintry mix. A wintry mix? Tell that to my snow shovel that had to get put to early use. I could be wrong, but it just feels like they get it wrong more often than not. Oh well, welcome to winter. Everyone please try to have a great holiday. Gobble Gobble!



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