Jack Scheuer’s Off The Boards – December 31, 2011 Edition

Off The Boards

By Jack Scheuer – December 31, 2011 Edition

I’m probably in the minority but I think the much-maligned Andre Iguodala is getting a bad rap.  The guy plays great defense, always against the top players, gets more than his share of assists and steals, averages 16 points a game, and is extremely durable.  His 3-point shooting could be better but he seems to be working on that issue.  The biggest complaint against him appears  to be his salary, but that’s not of his doing.  What was he supposed to do, turn down the contract?  Iggy is not a super-star, but he’s a pretty good player  who deserves to be appreciated  a little.

Up-date on some former Big 5 stalwarts: Temple’s Dionte Christmas is playing in Greece as is St Joe’s Pat Calathes, who has enjoyed much success there, including earning a position on the National team; Villanova’s Corey Fisher is in Turkey, while ex-Wildcat Curtis Sumpter is with Tulsa in the NBA’s Development League.

Trivia Time: Who is La Salle’s all-time leader in 3-point shooting percentage?  Answer at the end of the column.

This and That: Drexel’s Samme Givens is about as impressive a 6-5 “big man” can be.  He can’t jump as well as Charles Barkley, but he sometimes reminds you of the former Sixer with his inside talents.  The Dragons also look like they have a keeper in freshman Dion Lee.  C.J. Aiken has a shot at a national double-double.  The Hawk swatter has a chance to be the leader in blocked shots  and shooting percentage.  It will be a big night in the city on January 4.  Duke plays Temple at the Wells Fargo, and La Salle hosts Xavier.  It would be nice if the Owls had Micheal Eric back to battle the Dukies.  If there is a role  model  in the NBA who every kid should emulate it is Boston’s Ray Allen.  A future hall of fame player who never showboats or complains and is still one of the game’s all-time shooters.

Answer to Trivia Time: Tim Legler made 161 of 353 attempts from long-range, a percentage of 45.6.

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