Mike Kern’s Fraud Five – Week Three Edition

The Fraud Five

By Mike Kern for PhillyCollegeSports.com

September 23, 2018

Mike Kern’s third installment of the always popular Fraud Five

1. Virginia Tech — If you have to ask, then you must have been watching Columbo reruns on Cozi. Good thing Old Dominion was using a backup quarterback. Reminded me of the Temple upset as five-touchdown underdogs down in Blacksburg in 1998, when the Owls were 0-7. Hey, at least the Hokies scored 35 points on the road this time.
2. Nebraska — Repeat offender. I know people lose at Michigan, but most don’t lose 56-10. Guess this wasn’t what Cornhuskers had in mind when they brought back Scott Frost. It can’t get any worse. This is historic stuff in Lincoln. Good thing they scored 10 of the last 20 points. As a Michigan friend of mine pointed out, when was the last time the Wolves put anyone in Fraud Five. I’m figuring it had to be some Ohio State coach.
3. Boston College — Some people had this team going unbeaten until like halfway through the season at least. Maybe not. Shouldn’t be losing by 17 at Purdue team that hadn’t won yet. And the Steve Addazios host Temple, his former team, this week. Could be interesting.
4. Rutgers — I know the Scarlet Knights aren’t supposed to be all that. But their coach is in his third year now. Which means they probably shouldn’t be losing 42-13 at home to Buffalo. That’s a big Yo.
5. Mississippi State — It can be tough to win on the road in the SEC, but when you’re ranked you probably shouldn’t be losing by 21 at Kentucky. Just saying.
5A. Oklahoma State — When you’re ranked you definitely shouldn’t be losing by 24 at home to Texas Tech. At least I don’t think so. I’m guessing Mr. T. Boone Pickens would concur.
Dishonorable Mention:
Tennessee — Remember when the game with Florida was an early-season big deal. Well this one was 47-21. In Knoxville. Not acceptable. And whatever happened to Phil Fulmer?
Oregon — It’s OK to lose to Stanford in early PAC-12 North showdown, even at home, especially in overtime. But the Ducks did lead 24-7 at halftime and were still up 10 with four minutes to go. That’s tough to take.
Oklahoma — Not really. Not when you win at home over Army. But did it have to go to OT?
TCU — This wasn’t egregious, but the Frogs were slight favorites on the road, against a Texas team they’d beaten four straight. But they did lose by 15. And only scored three points in the second half. Hey, I can always grade on a curve if need be Texas did lose to Maryland, which lost to Temple, for those who are into that sort of thing. Anyway …
See you next week. Until then stay good. And never forget that it’s mostly for amusement purposes. So cash those tickets. Just keep in mind there’s a reason Fraud Five exists. Go in peace.


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