The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – November 22nd Edition

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

November 22, 2020

And remember, everything in this year to forget has to be judged on a curve. Just because. And for like the third straight week there were 15 games that didn’t get played due to the Covid concerns that we’re all trying to deal with as best we can. So there are obviously less candidates. That being said, here we go again, for better or whatever.

Oklahoma State — OK, so we know that the Cowboys rarely beat Oklahoma, especially in a big spot. And Oklahoma was at home. But the Boys were ranked a little higher. Didn’t matter. Not even close. The final was 41-13. That’s why one program is OU and the other is the other, even in a year where the Sooners lost their first two and most folks forgot about them.

Kansas State — I know the Wildcats were about a 10-point dog at No. 17 Iowa State. But some folks who know about these things thought they still had a chance to at least make a game of it. Upon further review, the final was 45-zip. Oops. Time to rethink.

Wisconsin — I know that Northwestern was home. And was ranked 19th to the Badgers 10. Still, it’s OK to lose to another good team, regardless of where it’s played. But they only scored 7 points. That doesn’t seem acceptable. Or maybe it’s just me being me, which happens.

Penn State — At this point what more really needs to be pointed out? But 41-21 at home to an Iowa team that was a slight fave still doesn’t sit right. And next up is a trip to Michigan, which has its own issues but at least managed to survive in three overtimes at Rutgers.

Tulane — I put the Green Wave in only because they were ready to pull off an upset at No. 25 Tulsa. Then they let the hosts score on a 30-some yard pass on the final play of regulation. Then, in the second OT, from inside the Tulsa 10, they threw an interception that got returned for the game-winner. Somehow, I thought it just merited inclusion.

Virginia Tech — Shouldn’t be losing at Pitt 47-14. Good thing the Panthers were missing 15 players thanks to the virus. Remember when coach Justin Fuente was making a name for himself at Memphis. Seems like a long time ago.

Nebraska — Shouldn’t be losing at home to Illinois 41-23. Maybe the Big Ten should think about letting the Cornhuskers leave as coach Scott Frost suggested a few months ago. Just a thought.

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