Temple Excited to Get Ready for Navy

October 5, 2020 –

The Temple Owls are seeing their first football game of the season. The opener at Navy is just days away. The focus of the coaches and teams can now be on the opponent.

“Our fall camp has spanned four calendar months, we started in July,” said Temple Coach Rod Carey in his press conference today. “It’s the worlds longest fall camp. They’re excited to say the least.”

The opener was expected to be over a month ago, but here it is. Which area appears to be the most ready to go?

“Like a normal year, and I use quotes on that because nothing is really normal, your defense is always ahead of your offense early in the year,” Carey said. “That’s how it’s going right now. Our offense has done a nice job continuing to battle back. That’s where we are right now.”

What will that kickoff feel like?

“I hope we are, you’ll never know until we get there,” said Carey. “A lot of that will depend on our preparation this week. We got a good start on that. A lot will depend on what we do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday being a walk through day. I’m very hopeful that the nervous energy aand excitement is all channeled through taking care of what is right in front of us.”

Navy has played three games and have a 1 – 2 record. The Midshipmen lost to BYU and Air Force, but rallied for a come from behind win against Tulane.

“They’re a good football team,” Carey said about Navy. “I know what I see on film. I see at times they are every bit as good as a football team as you want to play. At times they’re not executing at the level they want. In games there are critical moments where if you don’t execute it can cost you games whether those moments come in the first quarter or fourth quarter. That is what’s been going on there. We believe what we see on the film and that is a real good football team.”

After Navy the home opener will be on October 17th against USF. The record now is 0 – 0. It looks good to focus on that number.

Written By: Glenn Papazian

Contact: Glenn@PhillyCollegeSports.com

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