Are You Ready for Some Football? Temple Is

September 29, 2020 –

The Temple Owls are getting their sights set on the season opener at Navy on October 10th. With all the restrictions the team has endured, with the limited preparation time and resources, the coaches and players are at the point where they just want to go and play against another team. Rod Carey made that point at his Tuesday press conference.

“It’s been the worlds longest OTA’s, minicamps, camp combined,” said Carey. “It’s time to play a game.”

The practice time and prep has moved to hitting, something needed to get ready to play a game, getting into football shape.

“I feel good about where we are right now, Carey said. “We did tackle. It was good that we did. They guys enjoyed it. It was fun.”

It is a step forward and now Carey and the staff can begin giving grades and making decisions about players.

“It gets to the point where you practice so much in preseason, you really can’t evaluate your team until you play,” Carey noted. “That’s where we are right now.”

The team appears ready to game plan for Navy. Team health is good at this point, so they are getting ready to go.

“Everybody should be ready to go by Sunday,” Carey said. “That’s when we start doing our Navy stuff.”

The next step is getting into the locker room, and the Owls are anxious to do just that. Then take the field.

“We haven’t been in our locker room yet,” Carey pointed out. “We’ve been under a tent. We have a weight room tent and a locker room tent. The energy is good. It comes to the point where you have to play someone else. We are certainly at that point if not long overdue. The kids know it and they’re dialed in right now.”

Written By: Glenn Papazian


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