Philly College Basketball Coaches Part of TEAM PENNSYLVANIA in The COVID-19 Fight

May 1, 2020 –

The Coaches of the schools in Philadelphia agreed to be a part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  The City Six men’s and women’s coaches united with 22 other college basketball coaches to form TEAM PENNSYLVANIA.  The campaign will use social media platforms to communicate health and safety tips.

From Philadelphia; Zach Spiker, Amy Mallon, Ashley Howard, Mountain MacGillivray, Steve Donahue, Mike McLaughlin, Billy Lange, Cindy Griffin, Aaron McKie, Tonya Cardoza, Jay Wright, and Denise Dillon have given their support to TEAM PENNSYLVANIA. The men’s and women’s coaches from Bucknell, Duquesne, Lafayette, Lehigh, Penn State, Pitt, Robert Morris, and Saint Francis PA will also lend their support in this effort.

The city schools are on court rivals, but have shown in the past through such programs as Coaches Against Cancer, that they are such a positive force when siding together.

The message is simple and will be stressed.  The game plan;

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Wash Your Hands and Cover Your Cough
  • Don’t Touch Your Face
  • Look Out for Neighbors at Risk
  • Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces and Objects
  • Wear a Cloth Face Covering When in Public

There are teams from New York, New England, and New Jersey enlisted in this program that have brought together 130 coaches.  The movement was organized by NY Rens founder Dan Klores, Executive Director Andy Borman, and Syracuse Graduate Assistant Ben Horwitz.

“TEAM PENNSYLVANIA is the epitome of what this campaign is about: legendary rivalries being put aside in the name of public health, said Klores.  “When you think about college basketball, you think about the storied rivalries among the Philadelphia schools, the storied rivalry between Lafayette and Lehigh, and the historic battles between Pitt and Villanova. Each of these coaches joined this historic partnership because they know stopping the spread of COVID-19 is more important than basketball.”

The current environment has affected all of us in some manner. Our coaches are providing information about how to execute the plan and win.

Written By: Glenn Papazian


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