Jack Scheuer’s Off The Boards – December 3, 2014 Edition

Off The Boards

By Jack Scheuer

December 3, 2014 Edition

For some reason, the fact that Villanova was the Big East champion last year, has almost all of its key players back, and are highly ranked this season, there are still some folks out there who have troubled being impressed.  “Are they really that good ?” is a question I hear fairly often.  I guess it’s because the Wildcats are without a bona fide big star, or a couple of one-and-done players.  What they do have is a very solid  8-man rotation, excellent ball movement that seems to account for a different high scorer every game, and a very active defense.  Adding to all this is junior big man Daniel Ochefu, who seems to improve not just every year, but every game.  With La Salle and St.Joe’s coming up this week, the Cats’ will have 2 chances to prove just how good they really are.
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As Drexel’s Damion Lee continues to show how talented he is, Dragon fans have to be wondering just how good last year’s team would have been if he hadn’t gotten injured, and sharpshooter Chris Fouch had played the whole season.  Combining those two with outstanding point guard Frantz Massenat would have made for a very interesting season.
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Trivia Time: Can you name the only Penn basketball player to have played in the Olympics? Answer at the end of the column.
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St.Joe’s DeAndre’ Bembry is starting to look like one of the Hawks best recruits in recent years.  The 6-6 sophomore can score, rebound, is an excellent passer and plays solid defense.  He only has to improve his outside shooting to be a big time talent.  He’s also a good bet to lead the country in minutes played this season.
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 This and That:
La Salle’s Jordan Price is no late bloomer.  While just a sophomore at McCallie H.S. in Chattanooga, he was named Tennessee’s Mr. Basketball….If you like experience, Wisconsin is your team.  Three starters and the top reserve are all seniors.  Lots of skill players, but lacking quickness….Old friend and class act Willie Green is playing for the Orlando Magic….Big doings this Saturday with St.Joe’s visiting Villanova and Temple and La Salle meeting at the Palestra…….Just wondering: With the many initial nicknames of recent years like D.Wade, B.Dawk , A.Rod, J.Roll, etc., would the great Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor been known as E.Bay?
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Answer to Trivia Time: Forward KoKo Archibong , (Class of 2003) played for Nigeria in the 2012 games.
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