Jack Scheuer’s Off The Boards – February 26, 2014 Edition

Off The Boards

By Jack Scheuer

February 26, 2o14 Edition

For many years Jim Boeheim was known for his constant complaining and painful facial expressions.  As time went by however, he seemed to mellow and become more like a friendly uncle.  Until last Saturday.  That’s when a charging call by referee Tony Greene sent the Syracuse coach exploding on to the court, wildly waving his arms, with 10 seconds still left in the game.  This action was not only disappointing and inexcusable, but killed any chance the Orange had to win the game.  That he was hit with two technical fouls and ejected really wasn’t enough punishment.  An action like that certainly deserves a suspension, which I’m sure would have been the case had a player had done the same thing.
The call was a very difficult one and could have gone either way, but Greene gets credit for being in the right position and for not hesitating at all in making his decision.  All coaches react when they think an official has made a mistake, especially at crucial times in the game, and that is understandable,  No matter how bad you think a call is, you can’t go running out on the court like a wild man, especially when the game’s not over.
Of course Dick Vitale, who has covered a zillion games but has never once criticized a coach said, “He had a right to scream.”  Jay Bilas, however, who is much more objective, seemed to think Boeheim was certainly way out of line, and cost his team any possibility of winning the game.
Jim Boeheim has been very successful, and is a Hall of Fame coach, but let’s hope he quickly reverts back to being  your friendly uncle.
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In the entire world of sports, there is no tougher decision than the block or charge call, and it is an official’s worst nightmare when the play happens in the last minute of a close game.  There are times when it’s fairly obvious who is at fault, and other times when it’s pretty close.  Then, there are occasions when it seems impossible to tell if it was a charge or block.  So here’s a suggestion: Have a new rule called the “no idea rule.”  The Ref says he has no idea, so they have a jump ball between the players involved.  Just a thought.
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Trivia Time: Who holds the LaSalle record for most assists in one game? Answer at the end of the column.
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This and That: After it’s big win over Dayton, streaking St. Joe’s visits St. Bonaventure on Saturday, always a tough place to play….Villanova is home with Butler tonight, and has Marquette at the Wells Fargo on Sunday….Also tonight, struggling LaSalle is at home with the Bonnies, while Drexel hosts the College of  Charleston….Penn is at home over the weekend with Brown and Yale, while Temple and it’s Band of Brothers visits powerful Louisville on Sunday….Coaches like players who control the game, and Frantz Massenat certainly fits that role.  Look out for those Dragons they’ve finally gotten a little healthier….Former Wildcat Kyle Lowry is having a terrific year for the Division leading Toronto Raptors.
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Answer to Trivia Time: In a game against Holy Cross in 1989, Doug Overton handed out 18 assists.

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