The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 8 Edition

The Fraud Five by Mike Kern

October 24, 2021

Back From Myrtle Beach

Penn State — I know the quarterback wasn’t nearly 100 percent. And that it took nine overtimes. But the Nits were at home, and favored by a bunch. And they didn’t score in the final 41 minutes of regulation. Now next up is a trip to Ohio State, and they also have to play sixth-ranked Michigan and No. 9 Michigan State (on the road). So they really needed this one.

North Carolina State — When you’re ranked 18 you shouldn’t be losing at Miami. Even if it was only by a point.

Clemson offense — It’s been a theme. And it’s not just about missing Trevor Lawrence, although that’s obviously a big part of it. This time it was at Pitt, where they scored 17. So much for the new QB being a Heisman kind of guy. Sort of like the QB at Oklahoma. Funny how that happens.

Indiana — For a team that supposedly was ready to do something at least semi-big this season, the Hoosiers shouldn’t be losing at home to Ohio State by 54-7. That’s mucho excessive. Sorry.

Army — It’s OK to lose to unbeaten Wake Forest, even at home. But maybe you shouldn’t be giving up 70 in the process. Especially when you’re putting up 56. Ouch. The Cadets had won 13 straight at home.

Dishonorable Mention:

Temple’s run defense — It’s OK to lose at South Florida. But the Owls gave up 421 yards on the ground, on 73 carries. Good thing the long was merely a 25-yarder. Way too much to overcome, even if the game was close into the second half. They rushed for 34, on 13 attempts, with 16 of that coming on one play.

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