The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – November 8th Edition

Mike Kern’s Fraud Five

November 8, 2020

Penn State — It’s one thing to lose at Indiana, which is actually a decent team, especially on the road on a controversial last play. And it’s always OK to lose to Ohio State, even at home. But Maryland? I think not. Particularly not at home, as a 24-point fave. And it’s only like the third time the Nits have lost to the Terps in like 45 meetings. Details.

Boise State — It’s OK to lose to BYU, even at home, as a slight dog, since both teams were ranked and BYU was ranked higher. But 51-17 seems excessive.

Michigan — Jim Harbaugh insists his team is close. Close to what? After losing to Michigan State, which stinks, the Wolves fell at Indiana, 38-17, as a slight fave. Why ask why at this point. They hadn’t lost to Indy in over three decades.

Florida State — Pitt had lost four straight, and the Seminoles were at home. Guess that didn’t matter. The final was 41-17. These two teams should be in the NFC East.

Michigan State — I realize nobody cares, but you shouldn’t be losing at Iowa 49-7 the week after you upset the Jim Harbaughs. Or maybe that makes perfect sense.

And finally, for anyone who for whatever reasons still doesn’t think the pandemic is something more than just a nuisance, 10 games were either cancelled or postponed this week. Merely duly noting. Money is a powerful thing. But please everyone stay safe out there. If I missed anyone else I apologize. Will try to do better next time, as always, as I’m getting ready for a Masters in November. Imagine that.

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