The Fraud Five by Mike Kern – Week 13 Edition

November 24, 2019

The pre-Rivalry Week installment of Fraud Five. And for awhile there we were a little concerned that we might not have enough viable candidates. But fear not.

We can always stretch our standards if need be.

Oregon – What, you thought maybe we would be starting with say Harvard? So much for the Ducks trying to convince the Selection Committee that they were playoff worthy. Can’t do that when you’re losing at Arizona State. At least they can still always maybe win the Pac-12 and get to the Rose Bowl. That’s not what they had in mind though.

Maryland – I know the Terps stink. But they still can’t be losing at home to a Nebraska team that’s been a big disappointment too. At least not by 54-7.

Miami – Shouldn’t be losing at Florida International. Sorry. That’s not how you own the state.

Pitt – It’s OK to lose at Virginia Tech. But maybe you should at least get a field goal or even a safety.

Washington – Shouldn’t be losing at Colorado. Not much more to say.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Texas – Not for losing at Baylor. Just for the season the Longhorns have had. They told us this was supposed to be their year. Guess they’re not really back after all.

Boston College – Always OK to lose at Notre Dame, even though there was a time when that didn’t happen very often. But 40-7 isn’t good.

Missouri – Tigers shouldn’t be losing to Tennessee at home. Or maybe at this point they should. So what happened to their season?

Michigan State – Nobody only beats Rutgers 27-0, even on the road.

Alabama – Did the Nick Sabans really have to put up 66 on Western Carolina? Good thing they only got one touchdown in the last 21 minutes. And let WCU at least get a field goal. Not sure if that’s the way to show America they’re really deserving of being the No. 4 team in those playoff standings, if that was indeed the intent. Might be more impressive to go to Auburn next and win by a bunch. Just saying.

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