Philly College Top Ten Finishes at The Penn Relays – Friday, April 26, 2019

The Friday competition dodged the wind, rain, and lightening. There was a need to evacuate Franklin Field due to the late afternoon storm. But the results are recorded at the 125th Penn Relays. The top ten finishers in each event from the Philly Division I schools are listed below.

College Women’s 4 x 1500 Meters Championship of America

Champion – Villanova 17:39.26 – Lydia Olivere (4:28.6), Rachel McArthur (4:18.4), Caroline Alcorta (4:28.0), Nicole Hutchinson (4:24.3)

College Men’s Distance Medley Relay Championship of America Invitational

7th Place – Villanova 9:51.32 – Nick Steele (3:06.66), Harry Purcell (47.36), Logan Wetzel (1:50.52), Casey Comber (4:06.79)

9th Place – Saint Joseph’s 9:54.05 – John Walker (3:02.01), Michael Szwed (49.08), Roru Houston (1:53.06), Zachary Michon (4:09.90)

College Women’s 4 x 100 Meters Championship of America Invitational

9th Place – Penn 45.85 – Imani Solan, Elena Brown-Soler, Mia Knight, Camille Dickson

College Men’s 400 Meters Hurdles Championship

9th Place – Keegan Hughes, Villanova 52.68

College Women’s Sprint Medley Relay Championship of America Invitational

College Women’s 4 x 100 Eastern

4th Place – Villanova 46.73 – Trudy-Ann Williamson, Sarah Jones, Danielle Burns, Trinity Hart

College Men’s Sprint Medley Relay College

7th Place – La Salle 3:32.37 – Chrischand Lewis, Dylan Burnett, Ache Hall, Brycen Pitre (1:58.17)

8th Place – Saint Joseph’s 3:34.29 – Michael Baumgarten, Kris Edobi, Barren McCoy, Aidan Sauer (1:58.12).e


College Women’s Discus Throw Championship of America

2nd Place – Ashley Anumbe, Penn 56.05m

9th Place – Maura Kimmel, Penn 47.48m

College Men’s Shot Put Championship

9th Place – Cam Landis, Penn 16.59m

College Men’s Discus Throw College

7th Place – Campbell Parker, Penn 49.31

College Men’s High Jump College

8th Place – Lance Yassey, Penn 2.00m

9th Place Tie – Jacob Kelly, Villanova 1.96m

College Men’s Pole Vault College

2nd Place Tie – Thomas Conboy, Villanova 4.85m

College Women’s Triple Jump College

4th Place – Candus Burks, Temple 11.77m

7th Place – Kayla Nesbitt-McEwen, Temple 11.71m

College Men’s Long Jump College

1st Place – Christian Constantin, Penn 7.33mC

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