Jack Scheuer’s Off The Boards – February 4, 2015 Edition

Off The Boards

By Jack Scheuer

February 4, 2015 Edition

The general thinking is that for a team to be exceptional it must have a star, a “go to guy.” That theory doesn’t hold true when you look  at Virginia and Villanova, two very good teams that closely resemble each other.  Neither has that big-time star, both share the ball resulting in multiple players averaging double figures, and defense is a big part of the success they each have.  And turnovers are kept to a minimum.  In addition, neither team has more than one real big man in the rotation.  Basketball purists would love it if down the road if these two would meet each other in the NCAA tournament.  The Cavs’ and the Cats’.  Even their nicknames are similar.
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Speaking of big men, two of them are on a collision course that will unfold Saturday when Villanova meets Georgetown at the Wells Fargo.  The Wildcats have the ever improving Daniel Ochefu at 6-11,245, while the Hoyas feature 6-10,350, Joshua Smith, and don’t let his bulk fool you.  Villanova of course, will be looking for revenge after the whipping it took at Georgetown on January 19th.
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Trivia Time: Who is the all-time leading scorer at UCLA? Answer at the end of the column.
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Not to make you feel older, but there are several sons of well-known fathers now playing in college. Such as Jerian Grant, Notre Dame,( Harvey); Stanley Roberts Jr., Tulane; Bryce Alford, UCLA,(Steve); Chauncey Orr, Bowling Green, (Louis); Kiel Turpin, Florida State, (Melvin); Domantas Sabonis, Gonzaga, (Arvydas); Sam Cassell Jr., UConn; Bonzie Colson Jr., Notre Dame; Troy Williams, Indiana, (Boo); and Traevon Jackson, Wisconsin, (Jim).
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This and That: Don’t foul Duke guard Quinn Cook. He’s 42 for 45 on the season….Drexel’s Damion Lee is 4th in the country in scoring at 21.7….The Philadelphia Analytics might want to take a look at  7-0 Utah center Jakob Poeltl. Only 18, he’s averaging 9 points and 7.7 rebounds…. Aaric Murray, who played at La Salle, West Virginia and Texas Southern, has landed in Greece….If Kentucky is going to lose a game it could be on Saturday at Florida.
Answer to Trivia Time: Forward Don MacLean, who scored 2,608 points

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