Philly Division I Results at the Penn Relays – Friday Events

Penn Relays Results for Philly Division I Top Finishers
Friday, April 29, 2011      
Event: College Women’s 4 x 100 ECAC    
Penn – 4th Place   Time 46.74  
    Paige Madison    
    Kali Strother    
    Leah Brown    
    Gabrielle Pepper    
Event: College Women 4 x 1500 Championship  
Villanova – 3rd Place      
See Villanova Finsihes 3rd in 4 x 1500 for details  
Event: College Men’s DMR Championship  
Villanova – 1st Place        
See Villanova Wins 24th DMR Championship  
  for details      
Event: College Men’s Distance Medley  
Temple – 4th Place   Time 9:58.82  
    William Kellar    
    Aaron Taylor    
    Lou Parisi      
    Travis Mahoney    
Event: College Men’s 4 x 400 Heptagonal  
Penn – 1st Place   Time 3:16.64  
    Seck Barry    
    Allante Keels    
    Darryll Oliver    
    Brian Rosenthal    
Event: College Owomen’s Triple Jump Eastern  
Samantha Francis – Villanova – 6th Place    
        12.18 M  
Event: College Men’s Hammer Throw Championship
Robert Keogh – Temple – 3rd Place 60.72 M  

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