Off The Boards By Jack Scheuer – February 15, 2017 Edition

Off The Boards 

By Jack Scheuer

February 15, 2017 Edition

It seems as though many people are asking the same question: Can Villanova repeat as National Champion?  Most of those who don’t think so are of the opinion that the Cats lack of depth can only take them so far.  One would think that  would be a major problem, but the seven man rotation has produced a 24-2 record, and a current # 2 ranking in the polls.

Could they repeat?  Well, when you look at their body of work, you’d have to say they will be in the running.  There is talent, they share the ball, play really good defense, and don’t turn it over.  Included in the talent is a Player of the Year candidate and an excellent point guard.

However, there are plenty of really good teams out there.  Gonzaga is undefeated, even though their competition has been a little suspect.  Kansas is loaded, as is North Carolina, UCLA , and  Oregon.  And, as usual, there is Duke, healthy again and on the move.  Then there are teams like West Virginia, Louisville and Arizona who are very dangerous.  Also you know there will be at least one surprise entry that will advance in the tournament .
So, can Villanova win a second straight championship?  If the Solid Seven stays healthy, it’s certainly  a possibility.


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You hear it all the time: “He’s been great off the bench,” or “They have no bench,” or “He hasn’t gotten off the bench yet,” or, “He takes a seat on the bench,” etc. The funny thing is, there are no benches anymore, everybody sits on chairs.


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Trivia Time: The Atlantic Coast Conference has had many great players through the years.  Who is the conference’s all-time leading scorer?  Answer at the end of the column.


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Good things happen to good people department: After a slow start, all-time good guy Kyle Korver is putting up nice numbers for the Cavaliers. Hard to believe, but Korver will be 36 years-old next month.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Saint Joe’s, who has to be applauded for their valiant effort at VCU last night, has to be the unluckiest team in the country now that Lamarr Kimble’s foot injury has cost him the rest of the season.  He joins fellow starters Checco Oliva and Shavar Newkirk who are out for the year. The one bright light for the Hawks has been the play of freshman Charlie Brown, who looks like a keeper.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

This and That:  Northwestern, coached by Chris Collins (Doug’ son) will likely make the NCAA’s for the first time ever…. It is unlikely that Indiana will make the Big Dance, meaning that the Walking Man, Tom Crean, could get his walking papers….Nova’s Kris Jenkins,  master of the pump fake, has made 71 of 79 free throws (90%)…. Funny that Kerry Kittles was on the Princeton coaching staff half the season before anybody noticed….Tuned in to the Shannon and Skip show yet?  Brutal….It took some time but it appears that Sixer fans have finally warmed to T.J. McConnell, and rightly so…. And whatever happened to Joel Embiid?


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Answer to Trivia Time : Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough scored 2,872 points.


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